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Travelling by Mercedes Unimog Through Latin America


Join us on our travels around Latin and South America.

We collected our Mercedes Unimog vehicle (pictured left) from the port of Altamira on the east coast of Mexico on Friday 20th January 2006 along with four other members of the U.K. branch of the Silk Route Motor Caravan Club.

A couple of days later we left the Pasada Tampico hotel  with a detailed itinerary (courtesy of Clive) and maps (courtesy of Steven), the plan:-

to drive from Mexico to Panama

ship the vehicles from Panama to Ecuador

drive across and down the length of South America

But plans are only plans.  So, what can you expect to find on our site?  A log of our weekly adventures, changes in direction, and pictures we have taken on the way.


Lesley and Bruce

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